Tis the Season to Appreciate Your Employees

Your employees invest a lot of time and mental power (let’s hope) into making your company successful, so it’s always a good idea to let them know you’ve noticed.  Of course there are things you can do throughout the year to show your appreciation,...

Cabinet Showroom Sales 101

How many people enter your showroom then walk out again, having purchased nothing? You may have spent time with these potential customers, used a variety of sales techniques, and invested your energy, all for nothing. These individuals may have left for a variety of...

Learn From the Big Boxes, After all They Spent Millions

Are you collecting and paying “sales tax” on the cabinets you sell and install? Meaning, are you calculating the tax you charge and pay on the “sales price” of the job, which in many states includes the delivery and installation charge?

Get “Dressed for the Party”

The current outlook is grim. All the numbers are discouraging. You might wonder if the market will show ANY signs of “coming back” during all of 2009.

2009 Cabinet Dealer Survival Guide

Our industry is facing some pretty harsh conditions now and no expert sees the business getting better in the next four months- and most think it won’t get better in 2009.