Learn From the Big Boxes, After all They Spent Millions

Are you collecting and paying “sales tax” on the cabinets you sell and install? Meaning, are you calculating the tax you charge and pay on the “sales price” of the job, which in many states includes the delivery and installation charge?

The Golden Handcuffs

Cabinet manufacturers are investing in technology for their dealers – not necessarily to help our businesses, but to help theirs.

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later – Just Pay Me

You get paid, but it’s just a little late and getting later with each new house. It seems like a difficult topic and you need the business- so why say anything?

Reinventing Yourself in a Down Market

Total spending on kitchen and baths in 2008 will still be impressive from a historic perspective, however, the industry experts expect little or no year over year growth.

Make No Mistake

With some dedicated focus in the right areas, you can alleviate your company from many of the order preparation issues that otherwise seem unsolvable.

Right Structure to Promote Growth

Does your dealership or remodeling business have the optimum structure, allowing you to grow at the fastest rate and get the best efficiency from all of your people?

How to get Employees to Make YOU More Money

Does any of this sound familiar? A salesperson measures a house built from a plan you do over and over and finds one of the kitchen walls to be 3″ short so he has to change the cabinet order.