How to Make Everyone Your Customer

Owners and management can have lots of useful data at their fingertips based on past sales, but most don’t have data for non-customers

A Birthday Celebration From Marilyn

It’s a little hard to believe another year has passed marking yet another birthday for Equilibrium (formerly Aurora).  This year included many software advances and even a name change! Happy birthday Mr. Perfect Hire! This week, Marilyn paid a surprise visit...

Why Your Accounting System is Never Enough – (Part 3 of 3)

Let’s just stick with the purchase order for a moment.  Now that we have a nice one line item sales order for the cabinetry portion of the order, it’s life on easy street, right? The Purchase Order Problem Well, that is until you have to generate the...

Why Your Accounting System is Never Enough – (Part 2 of 3)

Here’s what really happens to the sales side of the house when a dealer buys into an accounting system solution which “does everything.” The Sales Order Problem Your accounting system has functionality to create sales orders.  Sounds straight...

Kitchen Cabinet Software for the Web

BreakFront released the first kitchen cabinet software solution targeted towards cabinet dealers, remodelers and other industry professionals

Reinventing the Cabinet Business

Savvy cabinet dealers understand that technology can greatly improve their operations and allow them to make more money.

Why Electronic Ordering from Design Always Fails

I think I’ve finally come to the realization that the Cabinet Industry is just as bass-ackwards as trying to get dealers and remodelers to order electronically through design.