7 Ways to Be a Better Leader

As leaders, we try to do our best – but sometimes we get too set in our ways and need something to help us pick up our game…

Avoid Cutting Price on Kitchen Quotes

We can come up with a lot of techniques on how to deal with this awkward situation- but the better place to focus on is actually much earlier in your sales process.

Discounts Don’t Have to be Concessions

How many times has your so called “discount” actually been more of a “concession”? Do you really believe the price you are asking is fair and reasonable?

What is a Reasonable Discount?

If the prospect backs down on any of these things you ask for, then they’ll understand why that discount they are asking for isn’t reasonable.

Discounting is More Language Than Amount

If the prospect is still unsure about things like your service, delivery, quality of the product, etc., it’s best to resolve those before talking about a discount.